Terms and Conditions

  • Customer will be responsible for the food item chosen. Restaurant will deliver the order as per the request. Any mistakenly chosen item needs to be paid.
  • While registering, all the data entered in our system will be kept privately by the restaurant and will not be circulated to any third party.
  • Any allergies or the dietary requirement needs to be mentioned prior the order is done. A special requirements box is in the cart system where customer can add the dietary requirements as necessary.
  • Restaurant is not responsible for any incidents or happenings occurred because of allergies, if it is not informed to the restaurant in prior.
  • Restaurant will not be responsible for the delay in delivery or collection of the food:
    • if the address is provided wrong while ordering online
    • if the phone number is provided wrong while ordering online
  • Payment made via PayPal will be handled by our tech partner CNBLINK LTD. In case of the PayPal payments done by the customers within the website of the restaurant (http://soasia.co.uk/ & http://cnblinkonlinekitchen.co.uk/soasia/) will have the name of their tech partner CNBLINK on the bank statement of customer.
  • Refunds are only applicable if the food is not the same as ordered. And if the payment as made via PayPal then the refund will be done within 2 working days.